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Protect, Restore and Stain Proof Your Grout!

Groutzilla Incorporated, uses three revolutionary products for tile grout cleaning, restoring and protecting. Our unique process creates a long lasting, durable layer of protection that prevents dirt and spills from being absorbed by grout. The grout color is "locked in" while dirt and stains are "sealed out." This revolutionary process protects new grout and restores old grout to color new again; leaving the grout completely uniform in color. Even grout with permanent stains can be brought back to a brand new look. Groutzilla Stain/Sealer comes in hundreds of shades to match any grout manufacturers color or even change the existing grout color.

Refinishing Grout in The Tiles

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Groutzilla - Heavy Duty Cleaner - Step 1

Groutzilla's Heavy Duty Cleaner deep cleansyour tile and grout, removing years of dirt and stains. This concentrated, high-alkaline grout cleaner/stripper is specially formulated to remove synthetic waxes, as well as floor finishes and seals. Groutzilla thoroughly scrubs all your tile and grout by hand.

Groutzilla - Stain/Sealer - Step 2

Tired of trying to keep your grout clean? Do you want to protect that new look or update an old tile installation? We make old grout look like new / Seal in grout color / Lock out dirt and stains / Enable grout color changes. Groutzilla's Stain/Sealer restores grout color and protects it from stains. We can change grout from dark to light or light to dark.

Groutzilla Maintenance Cleaner

Safe for any surface, Groutzilla's Maintenance Cleaner is a super concentrated, phosphate-free cleaner formulated for everyday use. The pleasant  scent leaves a room smelling clean and fresh. Use on glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, including porcelain tile, quarry tile, sealed terra cotta and adobe tile, natural stone and grout. When diluted, the free sample quart makes 30 gallons of cleaner.

Wiping Tile Floor